Mary queen christian church ( Mariapuram )


pimg src=backofficemediamar-bap9.jpg alt= prnpThis is the first of the Holy sacraments. The Sacrament of Baptism is the most beautiful thing that happens in someones life. It gives the person a new life through Jesus Christ. To symbolize this, the newly baptized is dressed in a white garment.prnpTo be baptized is to be given new birth and new life span style=background-color #999999;John 35.spanprnpbr The word baptism means to dip into the water .Baptism brings the person back to God and freed from sin. Our journey begins with an invitation from God through the Christian community to live as committed disciples of Christ. We accept this invitation, through the celebration of Baptism.prnpWHAT YOU CAN DOprnpIf you would like to know more on how to be baptised, or if you require baptism of your child, please contact Fr. Vicar in person.prnpbr 1. Baptisms take place on every Sunday after the catechism at 11.30amprnp2. If the God parents are from other parishes they shoulde provid a sponsering letter from their own parish.prnp3.If the baptism is take place after 90 days they should provide a permission of late baptism from the Forane vicar.prnpbr 4. Please note that if you are not memebers of this parish but wish to be baptised here, a written permission will bate required from your own parish priest.p